L O A D M O N S T E R , I N C .

What we do



Cross Country Services

Load Monster, Inc. offers cross-country full truckload services to the Lower 48 and Canada. We’re strategically located in Chicago, and thus can provide efficient coverage to both countries.


Inbound Freight Management

We offer our clients control and visibility of their shipments with our inbound freight management solutions. Our team works with you and your vendors to plan and schedule shipments.


Regular and Expedited FTL Freight

Do you need to ship goods and require a full truckload? We’ve got you covered. Load Monster, Inc. offers regular and expedited FTL shipping services at competitive rates.


Unmatched Customer Service

We’re transparent in all our dealings with clients. You can keep track of your shipment in real-time.
If our drivers encounter any trouble on the road, we’ll notify you right away.

A Leadership Team With 40 Years of Collective Experience
Real-Time Tracking of Freight
Leverage Advanced Technology for Hassle-Free Services
Client-First Approach that Guarantees Satisfaction



Quick Delivery Services

Our services consist of next-day delivery to most destinations in the Midwest, and 2nd day delivery to the East Coast, as well as to Northern/Southern states.

Committed to Our Clients

Our clients are our partners; we’re devoted to giving them a stress-free experience.
Our professionalism and commitment to our clients are what set us apart from other carriers.

Cost-Effective Services

Load Monster, Inc. offers cost-effective FTL transportation solutions without compromising on quality.
You can count on us to deliver your goods on time, without any hiccups, and hidden fees.

An Experienced Team That Takes Accountability

We work with a team of trained and experienced drivers that transport non-perishable foods and beverage, consumer-packaged goods, building materials, furniture, electronics, raw material, and building materials across the US and Canada.

Supreme Technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to stay ahead of the game and deliver timely services.
We’ve invested in the top-of-the-line hardware and software that enables us to track and time and all our shipments.


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